Jerome Morris , Ph.D.
Social Foundations of Education
Phone: (706) 542-8117

Jerome Morris, Professor in the College of Education and Research Fellow at the Institute for Behavioral Research, studies social and educational inequalities and their implications for schools, communities, families, and youth. The nexus of race, social class, and the geography of educational opportunity captures the single coherent theme of his research and scholarship. As a social scientist, Morris has researched black schooling in poor and urban settings in major cities such as Atlanta, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Nashville, as well as middle class and suburban contexts in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. Specifically, his investigation of how the southern black suburban context frames the academic experiences of black students is unique, given that most studies on the achievement gap have been based in black urban and low-income settings—or in predominantly white, middle class settings.

Morris’s research studies have provided eloquent and empirically grounded models for understanding race and education in post-Brown America—and for seeking new solutions to support and advance quality schooling for black children. Morris is the author of Troubling the Waters: Fulfilling the Promise of Quality Public Schooling for Black Children, and he has published extensively in leading research journals such as the American Educational Research Journal, Teachers College Record, Anthropology and Education, and Educational Researcher. He is the 2010 recipient of the Creative Research Medal by the University of Georgia’s Research Foundation for the national impact and visibility of his research accomplishments.

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