Community, Ethnicity and Identity Group in Context Group (CEIC)


Jerome Morris , Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Social Foundations of Education
Email: jemorris@uga.edu

Institute for Behavioral Research (IBR) at the University of Georgia

The Community, Ethnicity, and Identity in Context (CEIC) group provides opportunities for interaction and collaboration among faculty and graduate students concerned with a range of issues related to community level variables and processes, effects of location and place, as well as societal and cultural factors as they affect a range of health, family, and individual outcomes. The group represents and supports both inquiry into areas ranging from basic definitional issues to applied questions. In addition, the group provides opportunities among scholars from diverse disciplines across the social sciences and the humanities.

Recognizing the importance of funding for a vigorous intellectual life at the University, we focus some group activities on the identification of funding opportunities for investigations related to questions of race, ethnicity, culture, and community. In addition, the research of participants is enriched by collaboration and supportive feedback from other members of the group. As in other groups within the IBR family, cross-fertilization and intellectual exchange take place through informal interactions, scheduled seminars, visiting scholars, and collaborative research proposals. The resulting milieu is an effective stimulus to creative thinking and the generation of ideas for new research questions.

Researchers affiliating with the group may investigate basic or applied questions, or may represent disciplines outside the social and behavioral sciences. Current participants in the group examine health, mental health, financial, learning and other outcomes as they relate to community characteristics, neighborhood variables, cultural factors, race, and family processes. Development of novel ideas for prevention or intervention, or for understanding the challenges that may be unique to particular groups are also supported and encouraged.

Fellows Affiliated with the Group:

Alvermann, Donna
Beach, Steven
Brody, Gene
Brown, Anita
Carr, Marty
Gale, Jerry
Godette, Dionne
Harklau, Linda
Harris, Tina
Hermanowicz, Joseph
Holloway, Steven
Hou, Su-I
Kurtz, Hilda
Lee, Kyunghwa
McNulty, Thomas
Monroe, Carla

Morris, Jerome
Nazarea, Virginia
Plaut, Victoria
Rhoades, Robert
Robinson, Dawn
Tesser, Abraham
Tippins, Deborah
Thomas, Kecia


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