Center for Research on Behavioral Health & Human Services Delivery

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Paul Roman, Ph.D.
Professor, Sociology
Email: proman@uga.edu

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William A. and Barbara R. Owens Institute for Behavioral Research at the University of Georgia

The Center for Research on Behavioral Health and Human Services Delivery provides opportunities for interaction and collaboration among faculty and graduate students concerned with the wide diversity of research issues under the rubric of behavioral health.

This arena of research includes the behavioral categories of illness (mental illness and substance abuse), the link between psychosocial behaviors and health status, and the vast array of activities that encompass human services delivery. Reflecting large scale social trends and scientific developments, the interests in the Center, focused in its early years on criminal behavior and its management, have shifted increasingly toward the etiology of various types of illness conditions, studies of health related preventive interventions, and research on the organization of human services delivery.

The Center's name was designed to assure that the Center maintains an integrative theme, and to provide a meaningful umbrella for diverse research interests. Individual scholars within the Center continue to demonstrate unique and important contributions to scientific knowledge through extramurally funded research in areas such as the following: depression, self-esteem maintenance and marital dynamics; victims of rape; the impact of helping aged and disabled persons on the psychological well being of the helper; communication surrounding human genetics; mental health related dimensions of communication behaviors; and the study of the organizational adaptation of private alcoholism treatment centers.

The Center sponsors an ongoing seminar series and a number of presentations by Visiting Scholars each year.

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Fellows Affiliated with Group:

Aletraris, Lydia
Beach, Steven
Bliss, Donna
Blount, Ron
Bothe, Anne
Bride, Brian
Burwell, Stephanie
Calhoun, Karen
Clay-Warner, Jody
Condit, Celeste
Corso, Phaedra
Fields, Dail
Goodie, Adam
Harris, Tina
MacKillop, James
Monahan, Jennifer
Muilenberg, Jessica
Nathani, Suneeti

Orpinas, Pamela
Roman, Paul
Laschober, Tanja
Samp, Jennifer
Williamson, Gail


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