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The William A. and Barbara R. Owens Institute for Behavioral Research plays an important role on the campus of the University of Georgia. We work to provide services, information, and support that can enhance the quality, comprehensiveness, and relevance of social and behavioral research at the University. From humble beginnings as an interdisciplinary discussion group, we have blossomed into a multifaceted research institute (see History). However, we remain committed to the same core principles of service, scholarship, and accessibility that have characterized the IBR from its inception. [Donate Now]

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Dr. Phaedra Corso -- Nominated for UGA Creative Research Award

Phaedra Corso’s research on the economic evaluation of public health programs has gained her a nomination for a University of Georgia Creative Research Award. Corso’s research tracks ‘returns on investment’ in public health by comparing money spent on interventions and policies with the real-life health outcomes that result. She is Director of the Economic Evaluation Research Group (EERG) within UGA’s College of Public Health.

“Now is a great time to be in public health,” said Corso, who is a faculty fellow at the Owens Institute for Behavioral Research.  “Significant issues like childhood obesity and violence are key priorities for state and national policy makers, and there is no better time to conduct research in these areas to help inform the desion making process.”

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IBR/UGA Policies & Procedures

Dr. Adam Goodie to Lead
Owens Institute’s Center for Gambling Research

Adam Goodie has been chosen to direct the Owens Institute for Behavioral Research’s new Center for Gambling Research (GCR). The GCR will bring together researchers from diverse academic disciplines across the University of Georgia to address the complex issues that cause and result from pathological gambling.

“Some of us have been working on gambling research for years, and I began thinking that pathological gambling is a much broader topic than can be handled by one discipline”, said Goodie.

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Brody Lecture

April 24th (2:00PM)
Masters Hall, GA Center
Dr. Edith Chen,
Northwestern University
Socioeconomic status, resilience factors, and biological pathways to health

Center for Gambling Research Lecture

April 14,2014 (3:30PM)
Tate Center, Room 480
Dr. Ken Winters
Univeristy of Minnesota
This is Your Brain on Adolescence: A Developmental View of Problem Gambling and Other Addictions

Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis
Consortium Webcast Program
(OIBR Conf. Room - 509 Boyd)

April 11, 2014 (12:00)
Robert E. Ployhart
, Univ. of South Carolina
"Emerging Questions, in Longitudinal Research"

April 11, 2014 (1:30)
Stephen G. West, Arizona State
"Causal Inference in Quasi-Experimental Studies"














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